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Hey There!

Are you seeking a deeper understanding of life and searching for alternative healing methods? Perhaps you're on a journey to uncover profound insights. I've embarked on a similar quest myself, which has inspired me to create my own practice. In this practice, I help guide individuals on their personal journeys of discovery. Allow me to share my story...

My Search For Meaning...

I am deeply passionate about aiding others in their quest to unearth their authentic selves and heal from past traumas. My journey closely parallels that of many of my clients, as I too embarked on a profound voyage of self-discovery and spiritual exploration.

During this transformative expedition, I immersed myself in a multitude of spiritual and healing practices and voraciously consumed knowledge, diligently seeking answers that resonated with my inner truth. However, it wasn't until I enrolled in my first transpersonal numerology course that everything fell into place. That pivotal experience altered the course of my life and ignited my mission to assist others on their journeys.

Since that fateful turning point, my quest for knowledge has persisted, leading me to explore diverse modalities such as Reiki, Angel links, Tarot, Psychic development, and energy healing. Through my dedicated work, I have witnessed the remarkable, life-altering potential of these modalities in empowering my clients to reconnect with their intuition, surmount obstacles, and attain inner peace and self-healing.

While I relish sharing my wealth of knowledge and expertise, what truly inspires me is witnessing the remarkable growth and evolution of my clients. It is an immense privilege to create a safe, nurturing space for them as they navigate their unique journeys and conquer their challenges. Whether you are new to holistic therapy or an experienced practitioner, I extend a warm invitation for you to experience the transformative potency of these modalities firsthand.


I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you and guide you towards the most authentic version of yourself.

Much love and light,


Certifications & Associations

I am registered with the following Associations:

The Lightarian® Institute

I am certified in the below modalities:

  • Reiki 1, 2 & advanced - Angels Touch, Holistic Healing and Training Centre

  • Tarot Reading - Angels Touch, Holistic Healing and Training Centre

  • Psychic development - Angels Touch, Holistic Healing and Training Centre

  • Transpersonal Numerology - Richard Higgins

  • The Lightarian AngelLinks™

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