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What Is Transpersonal Numerology?

Transpersonal Numerology is a system developed by Richard Athol Higgins, using your date of birth as an analysis tool. It fuses fundamental principles of Numerology, Creation Theory, and Sacred Geometry to yield a distinctive framework known as Transpersonal Numerology.

This system delves deep into personality and relationships, crafting intricate charts that mirror the vibrational essence inherent in each unique set of numbers. Its value extends as an invaluable "self-discovery" tool, enabling individuals to gain profound insights into their roles within relationships and to pinpoint suitable career paths. When two or more charts are combined and analysed; they unveil the hidden dynamics, both rewarding and challenging, woven into any relationship. Furthermore, Transpersonal Numerology unveils the intricate Soul and Karmic connections that link individuals together, providing a comprehensive understanding of their interwoven destinies.


A Transpersonal Numerology reading, offers numerous benefits such as:

What Goes Into A Reading?

Transpersonal Numerology is a versatile and holistic tool that can empower individuals to lead more purposeful lives, make informed decisions, and cultivate deeper connections with themselves and others.

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  • Booking confirmation message.

  • Provide the practitioner with your birth date

  • Arrive for your session on time and relaxed.

  • Have an open mind and release expectations of the outcome

  • You and the Practitioner will discuss areas of concern and complete the client intake form.

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  • The practitioner will present the chart/charts for interpretation.

  • The chart/charts will be discussed.

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  • The Practitioner will provide you with the chart/charts to take home.

How Much Is It?

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