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Tarot Readings

Holistic Therapies

Focusing on a comprehensive approach to healing, with a profound focus on self-restoration through spiritual counseling and the transformative power of energy work.



A Japanese healing technique whereby  universal energy is transferred through the Practitioner to the client in order to encourage emotional, physical, mental or spiritual healing. This holistic experience aims to balance your energy, address underlying issues, and empower you with tools for ongoing well-being. Reiki is spiritual in nature but not religious.

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Drawing on the clients intuition and energy, tarot cards are drawn and interpreted by the reader.


Tarot serves as a fantastic guidance tool, used mainly for self-reflection, decision-making, or gaining a more profound understanding of one's current life circumstances.

The answers are within you, tarot services as a tool to help finding those answers you seek

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Transpersonal Numerology Readings

Transpersonal Numerology is a system developed by Richard Athol Higgins, using your date of birth as an analysis tool. It fuses fundamental principles of Numerology, Creation Theory, and Sacred Geometry to yield a distinctive framework known as Transpersonal Numerology.​

This system delves deep into personality and relationships, crafting intricate charts that mirror the vibrational essence inherent in each unique set of numbers. 

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The above modalities are not connected to any religious practice in any way whatsoever. It's success is not dependent on any belief, just a willingness to be healed.

What We Offer


If you find the above services intriguing or if you're seeking general spiritual guidance, we invite you to schedule a personalised consultation. This way, we can explore how we can best assist you on your journey.

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